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Dacorum Tories Turn Down £100,000 Grant in Bizarre Budget

by Nick Hollinghurst on 28 February, 2013

As part of the Coalition Government’s economic recovery plans local councils who keep council tax rises to zero can benefit from a grant – £100,000 in the case of Dacorum. But bizarrely the Conservative majority group on Dacorum Borough Council last night voted down a Liberal Democrat budget amendment to keep the council tax rise to zero and instead forced through their own plans for a 1.9% increase.

The Tory action meant that the council tax payers of Dacorum lost the £100,000 grant that could have gone to any number of socially beneficial  measures.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Nick Hollinghurst said, “The Conservatives seem to be playing political games with our council tax. They are putting through tax rises now so that they can build up a slush fund to finance a political bribe in the 2015 election year.  Well, this paltry ploy is costing us £100k in lost grant. This is money that could have gone to protect benefit claimants in these difficult time or to subsidise bus services that people use to get to work.”

Ron Tindall, who is standing for the Liberal Democrats in the Adeyfield West By Election added, “Liberal Democrat run councils like Watford and Three Rivers managed to keep the tax rise to zero this year – with Watford additionally protecting all council tax benefit claimants from cuts. It’s time Dacorum had a Liberal Democrat administration too.”

“With housing charity Shelter closing down in Hertfordshire that hundred thousand pounds could have funded much needed housing advice for the most vulnerable in our community. This was highlighted in Wednesday’s Gazette article.”

Clearly the Dacorum Tories not only lack a social conscience but also basic budgetary competence.”

On the other hand, next door in Liberal Democrat run Three Rivers, residents are paying less to their District Council than they did seven years ago.

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