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Herts Lib Dems Question Police Commissioner Lloyd’s Judgment over Deputy Resignation

by Nick Hollinghurst on February 19, 2013

HertsConstabLiberal Democrats have questioned the judgment of Conservative  David Lloyd, the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, following the resignation of his recently appointed Deputy, Rachel Frosh.

Rachel Frosh resigned from her £20,000 two-day-a-week job as David Lloyd’s Deputy after a bizarre Facebook posting came to light. This showed an image of Adolf Hitler with the suggestion that “socialists” and, by implication, any left-wing inclined people, were comparable to members of  Hitler’s faschist political movement.
Liberal Democrat Police Spokesperson, County Councillor Chris White (St Albans Central) commented:  ‘Clearly she had neither media savvy nor common sense – and so should never have been appointed .
‘Casually calling people she disagrees with Nazis is an insult to those who suffered under Hitler and shows a gross ignorance of history – let alone a complete absence of judgement.
‘But the main question is what on earth did David Lloyd think he was doing – he is clearly already hopelessly out of touch.’
County Councillor Nick Hollinghurst (Tring) added, “David Cameron’s Tories have saddled us with these unpopular “Police and Crime Commissioners” – the very least we are entitled to expect from them is fairness and a tolerance of those who do not share Conservative enthusiasms.  While I have no problem with David Lloyd himself  in terms of fairness and tolerance, I really feel he should have done more homework before appointing his deputy.”
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