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Second Preferences needed in Hertfordshire PCC Elections

by Nick Hollinghurst on November 17, 2012

Against expectation, the Conservative favourite for Hertfordshire in the ill-considered Police & Crime Commissioner elections failed to win 50%  of the first preference votes. However, because the elections were held under a form of Proportional Representation (PR), second preference votes enabled David Lloyd for the Conservatives to achieve a majority of support in this poorly supported election.

At less than 15% turnout, however, it is difficult for the elected commissioner to claim any form of mandate. In view of the controversy surrounding proposals to hand back-office police station work over to G4S his early moves on this matter will be watched closely.

Hertfordshire PCC:  David Lloyd (Conservative) elected
Second Round Result
David Lloyd       Con          Final Total    65,585       % 60.5
Sherma Batson  Labour                         42,830           39.5
First Round Result
David Lloyd         Con                             54,686            45.0   2nd Preferences  10,899
Sherma Batson   Labour                        34,528             29.0                               8,302
Chris Townsend Lib Dem                       16,790             14.1
Marion Mason    UKIP                             13,154             11.0

Turnout 14.5%

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