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Liberal Democrat Success in Watford Central By-Election

by Nick Hollinghurst on November 16, 2012

The Watford Central Ward By-Election was caused by the standing down of one of the sitting Lib Dem councillors having obtained a job in the Midlands – meaning he had to resign his seat and move home. The resulting by-election campaign was remarkable for the barrage of Labour personal attacks against the Lib Dem candidate, deliberate misrepresentation  and a curious attempt to use spurious legal measures to block Lib Dem participation in the election at all.

Labour also used personal remarks by the local Chief Inspector to imply official support for of Labour’s proposals.  As a result, Labour had to clarify this was only the Chief Inspector’s own personal view.  Perhaps police officers should be more careful in the future about the risk that Labour politicians might highjack their remarks!

Labour were also reported as having tried to “persuade” some people bold enough to display support for the Lib Dem candidate to take down their posters.  Nice people heh?

The Lib Dem campaign was factual and positive throughout and the election results showed what people thought of Labour’s dirty campaign and the effective way the Lib Dems run Watford

LD Lizz Ayre              716            45.9%           -1.6%          May 12  816      47.5%

Lab                            550            35.3%           +4.3%                      532       31.0%

Con                            151              9.7%           -1.1%                       186       10.8%

Green                           83              5.3%            -0.9%                       106        6.2%

UKIP                             59              3.8%            -0.6%                         76        4.4%

                                             Poll   24.9%                                                   27.16%                                24 Spoilt Papers

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